Wheel of Names

Wheel of Names is not a new website but it is one that has been extremely useful the past year throughout the pandemic. I love this site because I can quickly create a wheel that includes my students’ names to use as a random name picker. When I have groups or partner work happening in class, I like to use this as a way to randomly select groups to volunteer responses or present their projects. The best part… students love it too!

Implications for your Classroom:

  • Random Name Picker
  • Random Group Picker
  • Review Vocabulary
  • Review and Practice Concepts
  • Give Away Prizes

Learn how to set up your FREE account, save wheels, and link to a Google Spreadsheet:

Applications for ELA – site words, vocabulary, story starters for quick writes

Applications for Math – solve problems, probability spins, equivalent fractions

Applications for Social Studies – vocabulary, landmarks, geography

Applications for Science – vocabulary, identifying

For more videos and tips like this, visit my YouTube Channel: CottenTechCoach.

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