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Tech Tools Google Sheet – FREE

I created this resource as a way to identify tools that will assist teachers in reaching their pedagogical goals. The sheet is separated by the “types” of tools and many tools can be found in multiple columns because of their versatility. I hope this resource is helpful and decreases your time spent searching for engaging tech tools to use with your students.

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Frayer Model Template
Frayer Model Templates2
Frayer Model Quadrilaterals Activity
Thin Slides Eduprotocol
Learning Menus Templates
Retrieval Practice Templates
Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving Choice Board Templates
4 Corners Check-in Template
Hexagonal Thinking Templates
5 Graphic Organizers Template
Venn Diagram Templates

FREE Resources

Main Idea Graphic Organizer Template
Drop-Down Menu
Example Doc
Drag and Drop Continents & Oceans
Google Slides Activity
20-21 Playlist 8th Gr ELA Argumentative Writing
21-22 Playlist 8th Gr ELA Argumentative Writing
Cyber Sandwich Eduprotocol
Pathway Example 8th Grade ELA
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Doc with all the templates
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